Sharmi’s Mango Curry (Menaskai Mango Gojju)

This is one of the best mango dishes ever. We tasted it for the first time at Sharmila’s place and I was hooked!!! It is an Udipi recipe and goes by the name of Menaskai Mango Gojju. Easy to make and can be stored in the fridge for a few days. This can be made withContinue reading “Sharmi’s Mango Curry (Menaskai Mango Gojju)”

Vaatli Dal- of time past, comfort food galore 

There is a certain nostalgia when it comes to some food. While vada sambar reminds me of our indian coffee house, alu poha is associated with mohan ki tapri and vaatli daal is strongly ingrained with chaitra gauri during gudi padwa ( and the haldi kum kum with it). The freshness and simplicity is amazingContinue reading “Vaatli Dal- of time past, comfort food galore “

Thai Cooking Workshop 2016

Thai Cooking Workshop 2016 Thailand is a place where all your senses come alive… all aspects, whether it is the jaw dropping scenery, the people full of mirth and joy or most importantly the lip smackingly delicious food! I have never been a follower of ‘exact’ recipes, so when I witnessed a Thai cooking inContinue reading “Thai Cooking Workshop 2016”

The Salad Fraud……

I was never a salad person, always made fun of the salad eaters and the ghaas phoos gang. It was always so annoying to spend ages chewing like a goat or cow, my jaws always hurt and there was never a sense of fulfilment that one usually encounters when you actually eat meat 🙂 One day, however,Continue reading “The Salad Fraud……”

50 Shades of Aloo…..

No connection to the movie, sorry to disappoint you all 🙂 but this dish as christened as such by the original chef after seeing the various golden brown shades of these beautiful baby potatoes coupled with intense discussions over various dinner parties about the film and its psychology!!! Its great cooking with friends and its even betterContinue reading “50 Shades of Aloo…..”


An explosion of tastes ranging from spicy to nutty to sweet and savoury!!! Now thats difficult to resist! All made within minutes…..and with just few ingredients. If you don’t believe me, try it out for your weekend dinner. Its guaranteed to be a success….. Midweek is my weakness! Wednesday , Thursdays feel really really longContinue reading “EASY PEASY SATAY CHICKEN”

For The Love Of Peanut Butter!!!!!

I made fudge! It looked like fudge, it smelt like fudge and it really really tasted like good fudge! Haan bhai haan, barfi banaya and that too without hours of standing and working my biceps and triceps ( remember the slow long painful process associated with barfi making You might ask. so what?! The truthContinue reading “For The Love Of Peanut Butter!!!!!”


  Birthdays are nature’s way of telling us to eat more cake!!!! And being born with a sweet tooth, i intend to do exactly that, on diet or not!!!! A few weeks ago, while going through innumerable food blogs, i stumbled upon this wonderful recipe. The icing on the cake ( pun intended ) wasContinue reading “OREO CHOCOLATE BROWNIES…… ah divine!”

Whats a fake noodle: an Impasta ;)

  Staying in a family with 3 generations, food is never an issue in our house. There is always food in abundance, so it a matter of choice for me whether to cook or not! Well, it may sound perfect to some of you, but mind you….its not Jespecially when your motherly instinct kicks in ,Continue reading “Whats a fake noodle: an Impasta ;)”