An explosion of tastes ranging from spicy to nutty to sweet and savoury!!! Now thats difficult to resist! All made within minutes…..and with just few ingredients. If you don’t believe me, try it out for your weekend dinner. Its guaranteed to be a success…..
Midweek is my weakness! Wednesday , Thursdays feel really really long and thats when by midday, my mind starts furiously ravaging through scores of ideas about what to cook for dinner, and invariably end up with something thats comfort food. Its what brings a sense of relief at the end of a tough day, the ultimate prize after a great workout, and a great feel good factor. It can be in the form of a hearty soup, a bowl of rajma shawl or something that i cooked last night-

Chicken Fillets – a big bowl
Peanut butter-crunchy : 300 gm
Chilli sauce or fresh chillies to taste
Honey: 4 tablespoon or acc to taste
Onion garlic chopped : 1 cup
Sweet peppers : 3
Raw mango optional
Coriander leaves chopped 1/2 cup

Saute chopped onion garlic in very little oil. When transparent, add chicken and cook till done ( you can also just pop it int he oven and bake or microwave it if you want to save time ). Take it out and place aside. In the same wok, add peanut butter, mix it with water to make a runny paste. add chilli sauce, chopped chillies ( i add lots of chillies to balance the sweet taste ). add honey.
Combine it with the chicken, sliced peppers and mango ( optional ). Garnish with chopped coriander and serve it with a plateful of steaming rice or noodles !!!!!

AMAZING FACT: The feel of crunchy peanuts, fiery chillies exploding in your mouth and sweetness of honey trying to calm it down Love it….Let me know if you like it too, friends


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