Aditi’s Aai cha ambat varan – Mummy’s khatti meethi Daal

When you missing your mom, you try and make things which remind you of her. As much as she doesn’t like her dal , pappa and me love it.
Today is Sunday, coincidentally pappa asked her to make the ambat varan and I called her to get her exact recipe as it’s different to my recipe
She laughed us both off, saying you can’t make this on Sunday! Sunday lunchtimes are special and it has to be mutton, chicken, fish or at your worst – eggs.
Well she didn’t make ambat varan today for pappa but made her egg curry.
I made her ambat varan and really enjoyed it with warm steaming rice and papad

Here is her special recipe

Cook toor dal in pressure cooker with hing, haldi,mirchi and dhaniya powder.

Make a paste in the blender with 2 tomatoes , 2-3 garlic pods, kadi patta and 2 green chillies

Now take oil in pan add urad dal , mustard seeds when they splutter add hing and red dry green chillies

Add the tomatoe garlic chilli paste and sauté it well till oil separates

Add the dal , add lemon juice salt gul and a bit of sugar to balance the khatta meetha teekha flavour

Let it boil for 5-7 mins

And serve hot

It tastes even better the next day

Saving her recipe as I call her every time when I want to make it 

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