Grilled Peaches…

Grilled peaches with mascarpone, toasted walnuts and drizzled with honey, on a bed of raspberry coulis 😍

Sounds exotic but is a kid’s recipe indeed. Tasted this a few years ago on a skiing holiday and still vividly remember the play of flavours, ever so exquisitely balanced on my palate. Healthy quick dessert, perfect for a Friday evening !!!👼👼👼
Cut peaches into half, take the stone out and place cut side up on a hot grill till it gets slightly charred.
Stuff the peach with a scoop of mascarpone cheese.
Top it with toasted walnuts.
Drizzle with good quality honey.
Serve with any coulis ( pureed berries)


You can never have enough of Venice, I realised after my fourth trip to this jewel of an island. This time, I didn’t want to return and rightly so…..

People ask me about itineraries in Venice, places to see, places to stay, places to eat and all I can say is that the best itinerary in Venice is not to have one at all! It is to experience the sights and smells of Venice, to melt in the shadows of the crumbling houses, to just be in the moment wherever whenever you are……


Venice, at first sight, is a labyrinthine mess of alleyways, serpentine canals, moss coloured or jade like waterways and small quaint shops with equally small doorways selling priceless glassworks and crystals along side cheap masks with equal gusto. But soon enough, you realise that there is a structure and a pattern to this mess and your eyes are drawn to the artfully peeling paint of the flats above which merge seamlessly into the canal waters and their ever so smooth reflections of the gondolas gliding past. Of course, it does rest for a fleeting moment or so on the sinewy shoulders of the handsome gondola man in his unique striped jersey and hat, but that is a different story.


Hence, to see Venice in its full glory, we walked away from the hustle and bustle of the heaving and thronging St Mark’s square into the least crowded direction where you can peer into the most intriguing doors, colourful windows. We walked on, narrowly avoiding a football which appeared from thin air, kicked in utmost style by a Messi wannabe, almost instantly followed by a blood curling scream by a big Italian mamma, the boy’s mother, who swore at the boy and apologized to us in equal fervor  before disappearing into the mass of clothes that were hung out to dry from her balcony. Ducking into the nearest cafe, we sipped expresso, chatting happily in our very scant Italian to the locals who were more than gleeful and happy to correct our language. A long long lunch followed at a non descript hole in the wall trattoria with amazing wine as a bonus.

The moment when time stood still….


Waiting for the ferry….

Embarking on a ferry to Burano, I was in seventh heaven. Burano, one of the top places for photography was always on my bucket list and it was due to come alive soon. The village appeared as if some playful kids had splashed different colours, all bold, vivid, stark, over the houses.  Burano was a fishing village and the houses were coloured differently so that businesses were easy to identify for the sailing folks. You can never have enough photos in Burano, that’s for sure. Of course, due to the mishap earlier in Venice, where my camera lens decided to take a tumble in the canal, I was left with no choice but to take pics with my Iphone, but someday I hope to return and hopefully soon. 

Reflections in Burano
The been there, done that moment

Home, yellow home

Reflections in Burano

Rays of hope

A bygone era, still present
Bold and beautiful
Random reflections Burano
Of course, the signature pose
Old is gold

New is platinum

Some priceless  moments

My treasures….




The Salad Fraud……

I was never a salad person, always made fun of the salad eaters and the ghaas phoos gang. It was always so annoying to spend ages chewing like a goat or cow, my jaws always hurt and there was never a sense of fulfilment that one usually encounters when you actually eat meat 🙂

One day, however, something happened , no idea how, where and why ( psssttt….a little bird called aditi probably 😉 , but I found myself in the midst of a salad workshop, organising and thinking and soon little ideas took shape and my fantasies of butter chicken ,  lamb rogan josh and chilly pork divine were replaced by the colourful medley of a mixed vegetable salad, resplendent with pearl barley and quinoa!!!

The salad workshop was a super hit. Below are the salad recipes, all of them divine and easy to make.

Hope these come in handy and you enjoy making them just like I did 🙂

 My Grape fruit and orange salad with ginger and red chilly dressing


This is a special favourite of mine. I always believe in the saying that you first feast with your eyes and eat with your mouth later!!! Theses one of those moments…..Make this and you will have your guests eating out of your hands forever!!!!

And I mean it :)))

Layer slices of grapefruit, large sized orange, kiwi fruit and small oranges. Sprinkle pomegranate seeds and sliced red onions.
Dressing: 3 portions olive oil, 1 portion balsalmic vinegar, half a lemon, 1 tbsp honey, salt, pepper, fine chopped ginger, red chillies
Shake well

Niyati bowled us over with her selection of salads, simple but very impressive. The beauty is in experiencing each and every flavour rather than combining lots of flavours together. Loved them all ,especially the courgette salad!!!

Niyati’s Beetroot, baby spinach and goat’s cheese salad


Niyati’s Beetroot, baby spinach and goat’s cheese salad

Marinate sliced beetroot in walnut oil honey lemon salt and pepper dressing

Serve on spinach/rocket/mixed leaves , add crumbled goats cheese and toasted walnut or mixed seeds.

Drizzle the dressing

Niyati’s Caprese salad

Insalata Caprese ( salad of Capri) is usually served as an antipasti ( starter) and is meant to resemble the Italian Flag.

Love the simplicity and flavours.

Whole Ripe Tomatoes, Sliced Thick
Mozzarella Cheese, Sliced Thick
Fresh Basil Leaves
Olive Oil and balsamic vinegar For Drizzling
Sea Salt And Freshly Ground Black Pepper

Arrange tomato with mozzarella slices on top in a platter. Arrange basil leaves on top.

Drizzle olive oil balsamic dressing with salt and pepper over the top of the salad, getting a little bit on each slice.

Alternate halve plum/cherry tomatoes and mozarrela pearls arrange on spinach/salad leaves as individual servings.

Drizzle same dressing

Niyati’s stuffed peppers with cheese


Stuffed pepper with ricotta – top with basil drizzle olive oil with salt pepper

Niyati’s Courgette salad with mint, garlic, red chilli, lemon & extra virgin olive oil


4 courgettes
sea salt
freshly ground black pepper
1 red chilli
½ clove garlic (optional)
1 handful of fresh mint
extra virgin olive oil
1 squeeze lemon juice

1. Prepare the courgettes using the vegetable peeler and place into the serving bowl.

2. To make the dressing, squeeze the lemon juice, and mix with 3 parts more of olive oil. Grate the garlic finely, and add the chilli and mint. Season to taste.

3. Dress the courgettes and combine together well.

Sraboni’s Vietnamese Salad recipe: 

OK, now this salad deserves special mention because it was the first time I was experiencing such flavours and ingredients too. Just loved it. Will be a permanent feature in my culinary journey now.


Dressing – light soy sauce generous proportion 
1 spoon sugar

1/2 sp mushroom powder
Lemon juice 

Chinese cabbage, Leek fried, Basil chinese, coriander, mint, Peanuts

Mix well

Krishna’s Mixed Beans Salad

Loved the fresh flavours of this salad and more importantly the flamboyance and style with which it was presented. Totally won us over. Just realised that even a small flower here or there, or a simple crust of bread makes all the difference.



1 can mixed beans , 1 red pepper, chopped, 1 bunch green onions, chopped1 stalk celery, finely chopped, 1 small red onion finely chopped, ¼ Beetroot finely sliced.

Mix all ingredients a big salad bowl and keep in the refrigerator

Dressing:1/4 cup olive oil 2 T. wine vinegar (I used white-wine vinegar) Juice from half a lime (or 2-3 T.) 1/4 tsp. salt 1-2 tbs RedHot wings Buffalo sauce,1 tsp – Red chili flakes.

Mix dressing in a separate jam jar, and pour over beans salad.Serve salad mix on delicate inner leaves of romaine hearts, sprinkle some fresh lentil sprout mix and freshly clicked dwarf basil leaves.

Voila!Bon Appétit!!

Aditi’s papaya and mango salad

Another quick and amazing salad with an explosive array of flavours that will leave your taste buds tingling for a long time 🙂


Raw papaya grated in thin strips

Raw mango

Raw carrots 
Some red onions 


In a mortel grind 2 pods of garlic with red chillies as per taste , add freshly squeezed lemon juice with palm sugar , keep grinding to maximize the flavours and salt to taste ! 
Add fish sauce , if u are allowed , i omitted it as many vegetarians 

Then mix with the salad , add crushed peanuts and garnish with coriander  

I love this with stir fried prawns coated in corn flour salt and pepper !

Many thanks to Aditi Gupte, Krishna Thakur, Niyati Shah and Srasboni Dasgupta for showing us these recipes.

Apres ski day 1

The plans took shape three years ago as soon as we finished our ski holiday in Les Orres and took three years to materialise 🙂 However, we were finally here and more than the skiing, I was more excited bc of the endles possibilities of learning a new cuisine. Natalie and Dan were brilliant and had so much patience to deal with my interference and never ending questions.

Anyway, menu for day 1 was chicken liver pate with fruit chutney, chicken in white wine sauce and vegetables and strawberry kiwi parfait.



Chicken in white wine sauce :

Marinade /season chicken and bake in oven till well done.

Saute mushroom in butter, add white wine and reduce till 1/3rd, add lots of cream, season, add tarragon.

Serve on a bed of rice.

Easy Banana Bites


How difficult is it to get 2 over-ripe bananas? I have always thought that its no big deal because there is always a poor old banana, lying unwanted, unloved in some corner of our kitchens! With this in mind, last weekend, when I spotted two such miserable souls, I announced to my brood that I was intending to make some banana muffins…..and hey presto, they vanished!!!! My brood thought that they had to eat just those blotchy, soft bananas that morning because it was the end of the world!!!!! Hence, i had to wait a full week ( and hide 2 bananas too 😉 to make this batch, inspired by Sherin’s superb blog.

Anyway, as it often occurs in my culinary travails, my first batch got charred ( thanks to Varun’s warm snuggle 🙂 ) and I had to put the leftover batter to use. The result was amazing, superset, moist, melt in the mouth cake. Do give it a try and share your photos too…


RECIPE: ( I hate measuring stuff because I am too lazy to look for all scales etc etc hence am putting my approximate measurements too )

2 unloved, over-ripe large bananas, mashed

Sultanas -100 gms ( around a big fistful ) , soaked in 1/4th cup hot tea water ( dip a teabag into boiling water and squeeze it out )

Plain flour 175 gms ( 1/3rd teacup); baking pd 2 tsp; soda bicarb 1/2 tsp; salt 1/2 tsp

Butter 125 gms ( half a slab ), Castor sugar 150 gms ( 1/3rd cup or more ); eggs 2 ; vanilla extract 1tsp


1.Preheat oven to 170 degrees C.

2. Mix/     plain flour, soda, baking pod and salt together.

3. In another bowl, melt butter in the microwave; add sugar, mix well; add eggs one at a time, mix well.

4. Mix flour int he egg-sugar mixture, fold well, add mashed bananas and sultanas.

5. Bake till done ( but be careful, don’t let it burn like I did ).


6. Serve hot, straight from the oven….You are guaranteed a special twinkle and a hug, like I got 🙂 …. In fact, Rhea even took pictures for me and added her own touches to the images !