Paris in Monochrome

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Paris, the city of dreams. A place where we go again and again and there will always be surprises around every corner, sights that always amaze you again  and again!

These are a selection of images that i captured during one of my visits. Some days were cloudy and overcast but some were perfect. The black and white effect emphasises the stark outlines of the beautiful history of the place, making it come alive in all their glory!

Mural above Place de la Justice , next to the Eiffel Tower
Fontaine St Michael, 5th Arrondissment
A random café, the heart of Paris in the heart of Paris
The different facades of Louvre




Rainy day, just a rainy day in Paris
A different perspective- symmetry
Ornate poles
Version 2
Architecture at its best
The Royal Palais
A Bridge
Early morning Sacre Couer, in all its glory

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