Vaatli Dal- of time past, comfort food galore 

There is a certain nostalgia when it comes to some food. While vada sambar reminds me of our indian coffee house, alu poha is associated with mohan ki tapri and vaatli daal is strongly ingrained with chaitra gauri during gudi padwa ( and the haldi kum kum with it). The freshness and simplicity is amazing and nearly all households have their own version. I have added raw mango here just like aai used to. It can be used as a chutney or sandwich filler too. 

Chana dal- soaked in water for few hours, coarsely ground 

Raw mango- grated

Oil, mustard, hing, haldi, curry leaves

Salt, sugar


Heat oil, pop mustard seeds, add hing, haldi and curry leaves.

Add coarsely ground chana dal, cover and cook till the dal is soft and done.

Add grated mango ( fresh coconut optional).

Add salt and sugar to taste.

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