For The Love Of Peanut Butter!!!!!


I made fudge! It looked like fudge, it smelt like fudge and it really really tasted like good fudge! Haan bhai haan, barfi banaya and that too without hours of standing and working my biceps and triceps ( remember the slow long painful process associated with barfi making


You might ask. so what?!


The truth is that i am pretty lucky with most things in life but feel the struggle and pinch to make small things happen, things that come easily to people…..for example- i have managed to kill each and every plant that has entered my house  and when it comes to recipes which are out of the way for normalings like me . well……for every successful recipe there have been hundreds slaughtered along the way , hmmm, well, not that much , i am exaggerating, but you know what i mean! 


IMG_3827So when i decided to make something dedicated to peanut butter and all peanut butter crazy friends, I was prepared for it to turn into a messy sticky lump!!!! However, this turned out great and hence sharing this 4 minute wonder with you…..

Positive points – it has peanut butter, what else do you want positive in anything!!! its super easy, needs only 4 ingredients, no formal measurements,

Negative points – you have to get someone to hide it as it will disappear in minutes. It is a darned diet buster, but then, who cares! its heavenly sin !!!

I found this recipe on bbc good food-


Half slab butter melted with 2 cups dark brown sugar and 1 cup milk till it boils. Remove from heat and stir in peanut butter and vanilla essence. Place 1 heaped cup icing sugar in a bowl and pour the peanut butter mix on top. using a wooden spoon, beat the mixture till smooth. Pour in a baking tray and chill till set.

Devour it instantly otherwise you will not even get the crumbs !!!!

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