Ammu’s Kerala Fish curry

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The Story of my Life

This is a familiar story and i am sure it has happened to you too. You can cook and cook and cook but you will never be as good as your mom. Mothers are magic, they are perfect and i happen to have one such perfect being here with me…..There is a certain magic in the ways mothers cook, there is no recipe, no measurements, no fancy names like Dauphinoise potatoes or Blanquet de Veau. Its just chicken curry, fish fry or sambar but the taste far surpasses even the best of best Michelin star chef’s signature dish. I have always tried to make it just the way mom does, but although I am nearly there, I am still not there, if you know what i mean 

Many of you have asked for mom’s recipe for fish curry which is really really yummy…..and by that I really mean that its really really yummy. So here it is…..
Warning: This is the recipe but there is no guarantee that it will taste the same; you might as well come home and get her to make it!!!


Mackarel 2, cut into small pieces

Grind the ingredients stated below –
( Half cup grated coconut, Fresh coriander seeds 4tbsp , Chlili powder to taste, Turmeric powder to taste, Half an onion )

Raw mango or dried kokum
Slit Green chillies
Curry leaves -handful
1 tbsp coconut oil

Add the paste and fish together, with slit Green chillies, curry leaves, raw mango or kokum for taste , 1 table spoon coconut oil in a earthen pot if you have one or in any saucepan
Heat till it boils, then simmer for 15 minutes…..
Serve with steamed rice.

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