Ammu’s Kadala Prathaman (paayasam )

Onam and Vishu , two of the festivals that I used to wait for eagerly during childhood, not because of the new clothes or puja but because of this heavenly paayasam. I would excitedly hang around my grand mother in the kitchen, fascinated by the strength in her old, distorted fingers as they squeezed the milk out of the coconut, watch unblinkingly as the cashews would turn golden in the hot ghee and drool in sweet anticipation when she would swirl the beautiful, silky concoction at the end. But what has always, always been the most precious memory for me was when she would feed spoonfuls with her own hands, her eyes twinkling and moist hearing my oohs and aahs…..

History now repeats with the same process involving  my mum and my kids.

This is a poor version of the elixir of life that i hope will carry on and be saved in our homes…..


Chana Dal, 1 small cup cooked 

Sabudana ( sago ), 3tbsp , cooked in water till translucent

Jaggery 2 cups

Coconut , grate and extract milk ( thrice) – or just use a tin of coconut milk, good quality.

Coconut slivers, cashew, raisins- fried in ghee

Cardamom powder


Mix chana dal, sabudana and jaggery on low flame till it is thick in consistency ( like dosa batter ) . 

You have to keep stirring all the time so that it does not become lumpy. 

Add coconut milk to get the desired consistency and stir for another 5 minutes. 

Add slivers of fried golden coconut , cashews and raisins. 

Add crushed or powdered cardamom to taste.

Serve with a smile 😍😍

2016, a gift….

Passion for any particular thing is a gift from God…. It may survive the length of time or it may not, but its important to nurture it while it lasts.

My experiments with photography is one such example. This is a series of photos that have been taken with the iphone6 on the eve of 2016


Mango Raspberry Pannacotta: For the ultimate wow-factor

Presentation is the key to success, my teacher always stated…..and this is the main theme of this dessert. Its beautiful and deceptively easy to create. It needs only 4 ingredients and can be made well in advance . I made it the other day and now i know that I will be making it time and time again.

Pannacotta literally, in italian, means cooked cream and does actually taste so too. The beauty of this dessert is int he simplicity and blend of different tastes.



Mango pulp (good quality )

Cream full fat

Raspberry ( pureed or coulis readymade )



Prepare gelatine by sprinkling gelatine powder ( one satchet) over cold water.

Mix mango pulp to the dissolved gelatine.

Place your glasses tilted onto an empty egg carton or muffin case and pour the mango mix into it.


Allow to set int he fridge for around 2 hours.

Repeat the same procedure with cream and raspberry and add the layers, first cream and then, raspberry.

Allow to set in the fridge.


To serve, place your glass upside down on a plate ad garnish as you please.

Viola, stand back and enjoy!!!!!

Why we named our son Jai…

To amazing people who cross our paths and teach us so much more….

Pathway to Victory


The meaning of Jai is ‘Victorious’ and what a victory it’s been so far. Who would have thought that little Jai would arrive under the toughest of circumstances? On Tue 9th Sept 2014, just two days after turning 33 years of age, and at 6 months pregnant, I was diagnosed with Stage III Invasive Breast Cancer. In that one moment our lives turned upside down. We kept asking how could this happen to us? What does it mean for our unborn child? I needed urgent major surgery and chemotherapy in order to save my life. My cancer had already advanced to my lymph nodes and this was the motorway system around my body for the cancer to spread.

We were given piles of booklets to read but this was impossible to digest under the shock of the news. We turned to our very good friends Sally and Sunny Philips who helped us…

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Resistance is futile…..when it comes to chocolate !


There is what i call the ‘MUMMY PYRAMID’ that all mums dream about.

This is the top mum who is always there for the kids, all their matches, parent teacher meetings (omg), who bakes lovely cakes and has amazing parties for them and who is always discrete so as not to embarrass the kids in font of their friends. However, as much as i have tried to , ( just tried to!! ) take part in this ratrace for the top of the mummy pyramid, I find myself diggging a hole deeper than the deepest one could ever imagine. till I found this recipe ( thanks to the supermoms of Minnesota and their amazing party ideas, thanks revati and jayanti) )

There are amazing desserts to serve up in a jiffy, takes only 5 minutes and will instantly zoom you to the top of the perfect mummy pyramid, way past the 4×4 driving mums, in perfectly matched shoes and bags, and of course make up, at 8am in the morning and who, actually walk to the school with poise and grace rather than charge into the school, dump the kids and rush back to an illegally parked car, nearly getting a sticker and lots of tsk tsk expressions from their alien counterparts!!!

All you need are these glorious beauties : strawberries, milk chocolate, white chocolate.


What do you do:

Simple, just melt the chocolate under LOW/MEDIUM power in a microwave till soft, checking every 20 seconds.

Dip the DRY strawberries in them and leave to dry on a rack.

Drizzle some melted chocolate on the strawberries with a spoon  ( no icing or fancy stuff needed)

Hide it in a fridge ( most important), I made around 15 and there were only 8 when i took them out for the party!!!!

Enjoy you position at the top of the pyramid :))) as long as it lasts!!




Apres ski day 3

Another day of culinary delight…..started with a heavenly chocolate cake as a reward for our efforts on the slopes 🙂
IMG_4733 IMG_4734 IMG_4735 IMG_4743

Rich and moist, you could actually feel the lush crumbs!

Soon, fresh vegetables were chopped and kept ready IMG_4764 IMG_4766 IMG_4767 IMG_4768 IMG_4771 IMG_4775 IMG_4776