Ammu’s Kadala Prathaman (paayasam )

Onam and Vishu , two of the festivals that I used to wait for eagerly during childhood, not because of the new clothes or puja but because of this heavenly paayasam. I would excitedly hang around my grand mother in the kitchen, fascinated by the strength in her old, distorted fingers as they squeezed the milk out of the coconut, watch unblinkingly as the cashews would turn golden in the hot ghee and drool in sweet anticipation when she would swirl the beautiful, silky concoction at the end. But what has always, always been the most precious memory for me was when she would feed spoonfuls with her own hands, her eyes twinkling and moist hearing my oohs and aahs…..

History now repeats with the same process involving  my mum and my kids.

This is a poor version of the elixir of life that i hope will carry on and be saved in our homes…..


Chana Dal, 1 small cup cooked 

Sabudana ( sago ), 3tbsp , cooked in water till translucent

Jaggery 2 cups

Coconut , grate and extract milk ( thrice) – or just use a tin of coconut milk, good quality.

Coconut slivers, cashew, raisins- fried in ghee

Cardamom powder


Mix chana dal, sabudana and jaggery on low flame till it is thick in consistency ( like dosa batter ) . 

You have to keep stirring all the time so that it does not become lumpy. 

Add coconut milk to get the desired consistency and stir for another 5 minutes. 

Add slivers of fried golden coconut , cashews and raisins. 

Add crushed or powdered cardamom to taste.

Serve with a smile 😍😍

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