2 cars, 3 days, 1200 miles: A road trip of a lifetime through the land of fire and ice!




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Take a crazy idea, add equally crazy people to it and sometimes it comes to life in the most memorable way possible!

13 girls, all used to the various luxuries in life, decided to take a detour from their usual girlie holiday ( London, Paris, Portugal, Milan) and embarked on an adventurous road trip in none other than Iceland.

We started our planning more than 6 months in advance, dates upon dates, chopped and changed, cars booked, hotels pored upon and routes scanned. Nothing was left to chance. The food department was adamant on packing a rice cooker, soup maker, 300 theplas and innumerable condiments, etc ( talk about garlic smell in iceland!) Thanks to the horror shock of paying a few extra quid for luggage, which was not acceptable to the ‘housewife’ mentality in us, we managed to leave without the rice cooker, upma mix and some snacks ( though someone still sneaked some into their bags).

We reached Reykjavik and soon were whisked away to our car rental company Green Motion who provided us with a 9 seater and a 5 seater. And so we were off.

Followed the plan as was mapped out ( chart below).


The pictures are proof to the wonderful journey ( details of where we stopped and what we saw including fun photos in another post)

36 hours , 1200 miles went by in a flash and soon it was time to leave this magical kingdom.

Secretly chuffed at the prospect of boasting to our men folk about our driving and managing to survive on our own but more than that, carrying with us the memories of a peaceful and stunning adventure.





2 thoughts on “2 cars, 3 days, 1200 miles: A road trip of a lifetime through the land of fire and ice!

  1. Smita, These are amazing pictures and absolutely fantastic idea to visit Iceland with it’s unique landscapes. They have formed the best backdrop to your seemingly fun filled trip. Keep up the journeys and the photography. Hope to come with you for one of these sometime if ever invited. Xx, Meetu

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