Resistance is futile…..when it comes to chocolate !


There is what i call the ‘MUMMY PYRAMID’ that all mums dream about.

This is the top mum who is always there for the kids, all their matches, parent teacher meetings (omg), who bakes lovely cakes and has amazing parties for them and who is always discrete so as not to embarrass the kids in font of their friends. However, as much as i have tried to , ( just tried to!! ) take part in this ratrace for the top of the mummy pyramid, I find myself diggging a hole deeper than the deepest one could ever imagine. till I found this recipe ( thanks to the supermoms of Minnesota and their amazing party ideas, thanks revati and jayanti) )

There are amazing desserts to serve up in a jiffy, takes only 5 minutes and will instantly zoom you to the top of the perfect mummy pyramid, way past the 4×4 driving mums, in perfectly matched shoes and bags, and of course make up, at 8am in the morning and who, actually walk to the school with poise and grace rather than charge into the school, dump the kids and rush back to an illegally parked car, nearly getting a sticker and lots of tsk tsk expressions from their alien counterparts!!!

All you need are these glorious beauties : strawberries, milk chocolate, white chocolate.


What do you do:

Simple, just melt the chocolate under LOW/MEDIUM power in a microwave till soft, checking every 20 seconds.

Dip the DRY strawberries in them and leave to dry on a rack.

Drizzle some melted chocolate on the strawberries with a spoon  ( no icing or fancy stuff needed)

Hide it in a fridge ( most important), I made around 15 and there were only 8 when i took them out for the party!!!!

Enjoy you position at the top of the pyramid :))) as long as it lasts!!




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