Why we named our son Jai…

To amazing people who cross our paths and teach us so much more….

Pathway to Victory


The meaning of Jai is ‘Victorious’ and what a victory it’s been so far. Who would have thought that little Jai would arrive under the toughest of circumstances? On Tue 9th Sept 2014, just two days after turning 33 years of age, and at 6 months pregnant, I was diagnosed with Stage III Invasive Breast Cancer. In that one moment our lives turned upside down. We kept asking how could this happen to us? What does it mean for our unborn child? I needed urgent major surgery and chemotherapy in order to save my life. My cancer had already advanced to my lymph nodes and this was the motorway system around my body for the cancer to spread.

We were given piles of booklets to read but this was impossible to digest under the shock of the news. We turned to our very good friends Sally and Sunny Philips who helped us…

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