Mango Badam Pedha

Desserts, my weakness. Mangoes, my weakness. So here is one of my favourite recipes, a 15 min jhatpat one which combines both of them into an irresistible, fool proof delicacy which will have your family and friends permanently wanting more….

Recipe –

2 cups mango pulp good quality

2 cups milk powder

2 cups almond flour

A pinch of saffron in warm milk, a tsp cardamom powder, cashews as garnish

Method – Heat mango pulp in a thick bottom wok till it reduces to half its amount. Will take around 10 mins. Add milk powder and almond flour. Keep stirring till the paste starts leaving the sides of the pan. That takes another 10 mins. Once lumpy enough, add saffron, remove to cool on a greased plate. Make laddoo size balls and shape into pedhas. Place a cashew in the centre. Refrigerate to set.

Makes 25 pedhas

One thought on “Mango Badam Pedha

  1. Absolutely delicious and easy to follow! Thanks for creating this ….which became Diwali favourite among friends & family

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