Creamy red wine sauce with prawns and ravioli/any pasta –

Christmas leftover cooking continues. Last night, after ages, added some red wine and tastes amazing. So give it a try for that ‘hattke’ taste. Tastes better than it looks.
You will need – butter, onion, garlic, prawns, red wine, cream, pasta

Saute chopped onions and garlic in butter till translucent. Add prawns, sprinkle piri piri pd, stir till cooked.
Take prawns out. In the same pan, add a generous splash of red wine. Let it bubble and sizzle stirring all the time till it is thick. Add cream to it and let it bubble away.
Add a bit of salt.
Prepare the store made ravioli.
Pour the sauce over the ravioli. Top it up with prawns and a handful of parmesan cheese.
Sprinkle tarragon leaves on top.

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