Methi anda and parsi chow chow

Eggs all over…..

  1. Masaledar Methi Anda ( fenugreek eggs)
  2. Parsi Egg Chow Chow
  3. Radish leaf with yellow lentil ( moong mooli)

Yesterday i happily harvested our radish leaves ( well, truth is that the baby radish were rather premature and disappointing while the mooli leaves had taken over the entire pot!!!). Anyway, thanks to advice from another forum, i decided to make mooli moong dal.

But the expression on mum’s face said it all and out came the eggs and the meat!!!!

Methi anda is basically egg curry with lots of kasuri methi (dried fenugreek leaves) in yoghurt and tomato gravy.

Egg chow chow is a non spicy Parsi dish. Small crispy cubes of boiled potatoes in mild tomato gravy with chopped boiled eggs, topped with chaat masala or lemon juice.

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