Mango mishti dohi….

Mango mishthi dohi ( adapted from Kalpa Sundar recipe )
The first time I had this piece of heaven, I was hooked! And anything goes with mango, so mango mishthi dohi it was!
Very easy recipe, done in less than10 mins..
Greek yoghurt -one pot
Condensed milk-1 tin
Mango pulp-same as condensed milk
Elaichi pd pinch

Mix all ingredients.
Steam in a steamer or pressure cooker ( don’t forget to cover with lid)
Steam for around 30 mins.

Variation- crush ginger nut biscuits and mix with butter. Use as base for mango cheesecake ( for those who don’t like the taste of cream cheese)

PS- apologies for the image…. The dish was already dug into by the time I got the camera out 😂😂

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