I am not sure how rich my friends are but I am definitely rich because of my friends (AP)

I am not sure how rich my friends are but I am definitely rich because of my friends ( golden words of a friend )

This statement made a deep impact in my mind. How true, how profound! Found my mind wandering again and again to this very statement leading to an immediate introspection and perhaps a quick reflection and count of how rich or poor I myself was. And as I sit here, writing this blog, just a few days away from ticking one of the boxes of my Top 100 Things To Do Before I Die, I feel proud and chuffed, realising that I am indeed rich too, very very rich because of friends like you.


Preparing for this ride brought together people from all walks and ages in the last 12 months. Each and every person had something different to offer, each valuable in his or her own way. We had our differences, our fights and our tears, but we never walked away from our goal. We could never have managed this without our whole team of 26 people. Once the ride is over, I know that we will all walk away into the shadows, but each richer than before, having amassed the wealth of friendship and kindness.




A mix of emotions well up but some other questions rear their heads like Medusa in full flight. Is it all worth it? Will we raise enough to support the school? Will we all be still friends after the trip? Will the kids be safe? And so on and so forth. Ram always reminds me during times like these that its natural for me to worry like this- its instilled in every mother….a mother’s instinct . And so I take it as a complement and start a full blown panic attack 

wpid-2013-07-26-15.22.48.png 

The good news is that our cycling jerseys (which had been finally ordered after many many hours of discussions, unending bargaining/canvassing amongst members for the best options) arrived yesterday and they look fantastic!!!! Got excellent service from the online company called OWAYO. Wonderful quality stuff with names engraved , etc etc. The only downside was that some of the jerseys are slightly smaller than expected but that’s not the fault of the company. They have mentioned in the website that these jerseys fit snugly (If anyone wants to order them, then please go for one size larger )


The final mapping is now completed and the brochure has been sent out too. Hotel bookings and transport arrangements all re-confirmed. Had a wonderful meeting with all those involved in the organising group which was very productive. Decided to get medals made for the final reception. The excitement in the air is palpable , just cant wait!!!!! Rashmi and Sanchita will be coming, kids and champagne in tow, to receive us at the Eiffel tower. I think I am looking so far ahead that I keep forgetting that I have to endure a 3 day ride before that .


But still, all I know , is that today, I am one of the richest people in the world  with so many friends wishing us all the best in our long journey to make the world a better place than it already is!!

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