Life is like riding a bicycle – in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving. – Albert Einstein



Ride 1: 25.05.13

The idea of the next ride always emerges and solidifies during a charity ride and that was exactly the same old way that the L2P ride was conceived. The enthusiasm and booming confidence of the coast2coast cycling trip spurred the idea of L2P which soon took shape. I was happy being the secretary of the group, booking hotel rooms, reading up various reviews of food ( ah…and wine too), sorting out travel arrangements. The weather too played host and deterred the ‘would love to cycle but…..’ cyclists from going out on their bikes ever since we returned from the C2C.

However, months of cajoling coaxing threatening and bribing ( hot pub food followed by chilled beer!! Told you , food always works with me ;), the day finally arrived when the British weather also parted ways with my meandering mind and decided to shine through. There was no excuse to dig deeper into the duvet and I knew that I had run out of excuses. Ram had already decided and spread the word amongst the group so we knew that the ride was on, come rain or storm !

On day 1, we were joined by the usual suspects: Raja and Subhash and soon we set off through BruetonPark.


DISTANCE: 25 miles

It was a great ride and I was happily clicking away. 6 miles down the road, there was a beautiful bluebell wood and I longed for a peek.

Viola!!! It was as if God heard my prayers and Bang! A puncture.

Obviously the guys got started on it straight away ( I think they feel very much the alpha male when they repair punctures etc, just like a bbq ) while I escaped into the bluebell woods.

The ride continued through a forest trail from where 3 horse riders emerged, a beautiful sight framed by the golden glow of the morning sun. There is something so majestic about horses,the way they trot, head held up high, proud and snooty, but equally deserving.

The rest of the ride continued happily clicking away and then catching up with the guys. Spotted a horse and its pony in a perfect setting….enjoy. It was mother nature at its best that day. had to climb over a hedge to take this shot and cursed myself for not bringing my Canon with me.

Lessons learnt:

1. if you are cycling anywhere in temperatures less than 10 degrees, please layer up. We wore 3 thin layers with winter cycling gloves and a neck scarf ( wish there was a nose clip- nothing is more embarrassing than runny noses during a cycle ride.

2. always keep a good quality tissue on the back of your gloves where the velcro straps to the wrist, useful in dabbing those unglamorous noses.

3. Always carry a spare tube in your bag and puncture repair kit.

4. Do take a good quality camera with you, reagrdless of weight….you never know what you might see around the corner.

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