Tortilla soup

Jhatpat mexican tortilla soup-

A super easy, weekday meal to keep your calories and increasing waist line in control ( Aditi Gupte boss, aapka hukm sar aankhon par)

Heat oil, add garlic and chopped red onion , saute
Chopped winter vegetables ( I added sweet potato, butternut squash, parsnip) go in next.
Can of marrowfat peas or any soft beans ( being a weekday, cans are favored)
Fajita seasoning ( since there was no fajita seasoning at home , how typical, i used a can of fajita beans which was lying unloved in a dark corner ) like they say, every can has his day!!
Add chopped tomatoes or puree, a dollop of ketchup ( masala chili tastes divine)
After boiling, leave it to simmer ( The more it simmers, the yummier it is)
Add a handful of tortilla chips and grated cheese just before serving.

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