New year 2020 park run


very park run has a story, in fact, every run has a story.
For years, I used to dread saturdays, dragging myself groggy and puffy eyed , a bag of nerves, shifting uneasy glances at the lithe fluidity with which runners passed me by, feeling like a turtle stampeding through peanut butter! 4 years down the line, and here I am, dragging others to the start line, feeling the perverse pleasure of lifting someone from their warm bed into the chilly cold park run !!
For years I have wondered why people flock together to do the park run. its only a 5k, some would say, its too crowded, its too early, we feel we are very slow….. but what they realise only after attending a few is that the only person you compete with is yourself. You instantly become part of a running family and start adoring your fellow runners.
Today I ran with so many inspirational folks…
Today I ran with Priyanka, who sorted her babies before rushing to the run.
Today I ran with Aditi, who came all the way from Harborne, just because she had given me her word that we would start the new year run together.
Today I ran with my running club buddies including my crazy Ann Spencer, who has become part of me in the last few years and continues to inspire me with her antics.
Today I ran with Vijay and Viji, the first runner amongst us and who (in the words of Prashant) ran even before running became fashionable!
Today I ran with Subhash , who instilled the discipline of running in me.
But most of all, today I ran with Ram, something I never imagined would happen and boy, I am so so glad it did. Now we can talk about household chores and finances even while running 😛😛😛

In essence, you don’t need to run for speed or accolades. A mile whether done in 4 minutes or 14 needs the same effort from different groups. What counts is that you were at the start line….. there is always time to be at the start line. You just need to start …..

2020 is that year

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