Amsterdam marathon- 2 weeks to go

Groaaan , I can’t do it today because my Garmin is dead…. and Strava too ๐Ÿ˜‹

And so it started with 101 reasons to actually not do the long run , including its too early, too wet, too cold, too little time, Romeo needs me, etc etc. I snuggled deeper into my duvet only to be unceremoniously kicked out by hubby who by now knew very well the consequences of my missing this long run!

Miles 1-3 :
Dreams, dreams, big dreams….
First 3 miles were pretty uneventful and steady. My brain was on overdrive.. I was the queen runner and everyone was admiring my long strides, while in reality, I was still the curvy aunty next door trudging along, avoiding the sympathetic glances thrown by amused passer-bys. I realised that my head was actually so stuffed with my plans that by mile 5, I was getting tired of it.

Mile 3-6 :
Excuses – the hallmark of a wannabe runner
So the excuses manual came out and before I knew it, I had run 3 more miles conjuring up more excuses than a teen would come up with to avoid cleaning her room! The best so far was the thought of going back home for a trip to the loo even though i didn’t feel like it. Maternal instinct kicks in big time and so does the good wife manual. But i had to keep running…..

Mile 6-9
This was my favourite part, the therapeutic part!. Here, even my traditional, conservative south Indian upbringing failed to hold back the slew of choicest swear words in Hindi and sometimes English, but mainly Hindi! In fact, this sport actually opened the doors of my repressed memory as far as swearing was concerned. Thode ch, bh, su, ha jaise shudh vyakhyaay muh se girte hi dil ko itni thandak pahunchti hai, kya batayein…..๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž

Mile 9-12 – The mirage
Now satisfied, the sounds in my head started fading away and the running continued. Soon, by mile 13, the sounds disappeared and I was surrounded by an eiree calm. I was floating away, no idea where and when.

Mile 13-16
When are we getting there…….
After that started the downhill. Not that I was tired but was bored. The rain and cold didn’t help either. Suddenly I spotted Romeo bounding towards me, his wonky , lopsided tongue flying in the air….. Ram’s appearance gave me a few minutes of peace and company for a mile. My mind wavered again with the thought of returning home with a rather drenched, dirty and smelly dog but I kept running. I was bored. I missed my running partner, I wished I had company. A trio running rather slowly in front of me now seemed like sprinters.
I was slowing down…

Mile 16-20 –
The dementors
My hair was wet, back sore , nipples chafed and legs hurting. The last 4 miles were painful but somehow i had to move on. The image of a nice warm car played havoc in my brain . I realised i was smiling, though it looked like a grimace, at anyone carrying a phone. The final mile home was the longest and I had to conjure up all the happy memories to slay that last dementor.

I was dragging myself up the driveway of a white washed house, the landing strewn with shoes of various shapes and sizes, the appetizing smell of food wafting through the chimney, the muffled sound of a dog in the distance. The door opened and Dad smiled……. i was actually home and this time it was for real.

A sign in the form of a card was waiting for me, as if someone was watching over me, my guardian angel, the third bird of my tattoo, Seema….. it was a sign indeed.
The sounds in my mind loud again , asking why, why, why do I do it…….. and I smiled and asked why not ๐Ÿ™‚

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