Paris Marathon 2017 , here we come again….

​Running bytes 1-

Motivation, Discipline, Perseverance

#Parismarathon2017 training

‘A marathon is only about 6.2 miles actually, the other 20 miles are just there to reach that point on the day.’ – Sushant Hegde, marathoner

Saturday  4th February 2017

Time taken – 2 hours, 39 mins

Difficulty Level- 5 ( range 1-10)

Positivity score *****

It was a 15 mile target day. 9 weeks to go….

Last night was a Friday night , a typical weekend night with Mexican food and mind blowing wine. And of course, when coupled with Bridget Jones baby on TV, who could get up from the couch….. Slept late and obviously woke up late. Thanks to lack of discipline, I felt like a dough ball in the first half of the run. Slowly and steadily, we picked up pace.

Reaching 13.1 mile mark was not difficult as it was already in the bank while training last week. The remaining 2 miles did stretch and we had to muster all the inner strength to continue.

Arguing with my mind has become a routine. Tossing a question sarcastically, my mind taunts me and challenges me while I reply back by running faster, tightening my core and breathing smoothly. It is this ping pong game that makes the last few miles bearable.

Mind over matter…… That’s all there is to it.

Sharing some nuggets of wisdom which have eluded me for ages….. Still struggle to stick to it 🤔🤔
1. Just run, just get out and run. Doesn’t matter if you have only 20 minutes or an hour or three hours, just run.

2. No late night excesses- I slept late, pigged out on food and drink last night and didn’t fuel well today, so I suffered in the first half 😂😂 ( bowl of cereal gobbled up in a hurry with brufen just before the run, no no )!

3. Make sure you have company for long runs, either a running partner or great music!! They encourage you and help you go ahead. When the going gets tough, the toughies get you going….

4. Start slow. You don’t have to do 5k straightaway. Let your heart beats guide you, not the miles….

5. Just run….

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