About me

Hello, I am Smita and I am a mum of 2 most adorable kids in the world.

Rhea and Varun, this is what i have lovingly called my ‘mumoirs’ for you,  a slice of our life which will guide and hopefully shape yours too.

I am not a writer or journalist , in fact, my fingers freeze in mid-air at the prospect of penning anything down, but then magic works when your images float in front of me and words flow…..

You belong to a crazy family where 3 generations live under the same roof. We have our moments of joy and tears too….shouts and screams galore, excitements and turmoils. There is never a quiet moment in our house. Some days are great, some grave but we take all in our stride, happy and united as a family.

This blog is primarily to share my thoughts, ideas, activities and recipes with my children, of what their childhood was all about and hoping that one day, it will help in their flight to the better place that they belong to….

I love you, my kids. Welcome to my world, full of sugar and spice……..

3 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Smita. So pleased to join your blog. I mentioned to my children a few months ago that I might start writing down some recipes that they have enjoyed whilst growing up, and so it’s lovely to see you have the same idea, although you are ahead of me as I haven’t put pen to paper yet. I often see the photos of the lovely dishes you cook and wish I had the recipe to try, now I can. Happy cooking and hope to meet up with you again maybe in Milan?xx

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