An explosion of tastes ranging from spicy to nutty to sweet and savoury!!! Now thats difficult to resist! All made within minutes…..and with just few ingredients. If you don’t believe me, try it out for your weekend dinner. Its guaranteed to be a success….. Midweek is my weakness! Wednesday , Thursdays feel really really long and thats when by midday, my mind starts furiously ravaging … Continue reading EASY PEASY SATAY CHICKEN

Amazing Ammu’s Appams

Whats in a name? Its known by many many names i.e. appam, paneeyaram, gunpanglu, appe, etc etc but one thing that is universal is the feeling of nostalgia it evokes when you hear this name. It takes me back to summer holidays in kerala, running to my grandma’s outstretched arms after a tough day of playing in the fields with friends from the neighbourhood, hair … Continue reading Amazing Ammu’s Appams